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Human Resources

Welcome to join the great
Enterprise's competition, is the product competition, quality competition, market competition, and all belong to the talent competition. "Right place, right time and in the" to "and" as the center, talent is the cornerstone of building enterprise.

The great international every product, cannot leave the great people of hard sweat, every time the great leap forward, all outstanding wisdom, condensing the great people in the great, is the eagle will give you the blue sky, is a horse will give you the prairie, the unique recruitment policy, open career development space and excellent working environment, reasonable and effective incentive mechanism and people-oriented enterprise culture idea, make the talent on the stage in the vast brandish asperses moving dance, to strive to achieve the values of life.

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Respect people's differences, his element working on the, optimize human resources, do men use. Ability difference of the stranger, the person of different items offered, have different compensation, responsibility, power and interests.

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Amount to apply, because they can create positions, ability decided to post, contribution to value. Using "" almighty, came under the competition mechanism, stimulate the potential of human resources and subjective initiative.

Customer service

1 over 1 years working experience in Internet company;
2 responsible, patient and able to follow up on each job;
3 have good communication ability and strain, can properly deal with all kinds of problems;
4 strong learning ability, able to absorb new things, have a sense of self - learning, good at summing up and sharing;
5 have motivated, dare to accept new challenges, can sink the heart and the company grow together;

Copy planning

1 familiar with web content structure;
2 according to customer needs, develop the customer's network marketing the whole case planning;
3 to assist the implementation of the implementation of the program to achieve a smooth;
4 responsible for site planning, execution of the program.

Senior Sales Consultant

1 excellent communication skills, a keen sense of information, men and women are not limited, college degree or above;
Two over 2 years working experience in network company;
3 good language expression ability, interpersonal communication ability and service consciousness;
4 strong goal pursuit, strong learning and successful desire;
5 be interested in sales, be able to bear the pressure, willing to accept the challenge;
6 to complete the product sales task and maintain the good cooperation between the company and the customers;
7 advertising, media, Internet and other industry sales experience;

Senior Web / Graphic Designer

1 in the 2-4 group of people responsible for the brand's Web site design;
2 creative and personalized website design work;
3 successful web design work is preferred;
4 have good hand draw, individual creator is preferred.

High-end brand website construction

1 familiar with the process of the Internet company, understand the customer's intention to communicate smoothly;
2 reasonable arrangement of resources to ensure the smooth operation of the project;
3 to develop a work plan, coordination of resources, distribution of the work process, etc.;
5 office software office series must be proficient;
6 have the relevant planning knowledge, have practical experience related activities;
7 the industry is full of passion and motivation, attitude and ability to study;
8 have good communication and coordination skills and team spirit;
9 fully understand the Internet market and market changes;