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Glass Product Trends: PC cups to reusable glass

Each class has its development context, people everywhere and widely used glass also exceptions. But for ordinary consumers, very few people to really care about it is how developments can be for its product development trend there is the need to understand the next. This is perhaps inadvertently, is a good interpretation of the concept of health claims. Then begin to understand glass product trends from it.
According to an industry leader in glass manufacturers responsible person, cups early years polycarbonate (PC) material dominated the outdoor Shuiju market, has been in the domestic market has a better performance. May be due to the cup in 2005 in the pc detected bisphenol A (BPA) on human health threat, especially for children, this material is glass began to "decline", so a lot of glass companies have begun looking for new alternative product.
Next, the metal material glass began to be favored, Shuiju manufacturers have flocked to a growing number of backpackers, travelers carrying them out of the house, even in everyday use, even though these "guys" Some do not insulation, and insulation is poor. In this year, the same as infant feeding bottles, glass embarked Shuiju outdoor market, durable and easy to clean silica material become popular, some professional Shuiju manufacturers have introduced such products, especially In foreign cater to a niche customer base is widespread.
Further development, to the reusable glass, and this reusable glass - not that it is bad manufacturing waste recycling, it looks clean, long time for the water preservation, a high temperature in the dishwasher disinfection, hand wash is also very convenient. However, in many people's minds, there is a glass article fatal weakness: fragile, can not help but fall, but all this do different improvements in these new outdoor glass, for example, the brand PURE glass coated on the outside with a layer of special film , the eyes do not see, the hands of a touch, and even broken This film will remain intact and will not hurt and, therefore, reflects the very good glass can be reused. This became the "do not throw broken glass into reusable glass upstart" comes from.
However, Domestically, the trend for glass grasp is not very open and transparent, glass production process are still stuck in the second stage, that is now ordinary people now use glass products. In fact, many US professional crystal manufacturer or outdoor travel products manufacturer, began to include glass products, including the control again, as a small glass are placed on the "environmental protection, health, low carbon" the development of a mark, is worth only a revolutionary innovation of domestic glass manufacturers need to learn.