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how to identify Glass and crystal glass

   For those who prefer tasting of people, the use of crystal cup, but could not tell Beginners usually glass and crystal cup tell the difference. Perhaps, say the price is different, of course, the price is certainly different, but do not know what, spent the money does not necessarily buy peer cup.
    So, how to identify the glass and crystal cup, can be identified from the following five areas:
    First, look at feel. Touch, crystal cup cooler than glass. Because the crystal thermal conductivity than glass strong, so passed to the fingertip touch is not the same. Crystal cup has a certain elasticity, gently squeezes the rim, you can feel the cup deformation. Of course, the glass will be crumbled, so do not use brute force, otherwise it is easy to break.
    Second, look shiny. Crystal glass can absorb luster, even ultraviolet, raised against the light rotating crystal cup, crystal clear, and reflects the multicolored light, like watching a crystal products. Ordinary glass to light a different refractive index and light transmittance, for reflection of light that distinction clear.
    Third, look at the cup. Cup edge slightly protruding, like hoop wrapped around a fine, fine as fine hoop fans, often referred to as a fan of the cup. This is glass, because the fans are crystal cup glass cup liquid reflux when fervent formed is cut out is usually cold polished, thus mostly smooth.
    Fourth, weigh the severity. Crystal Cup is usually as thin as paper, holding in the hands of a feeling of lightness. And more Beibi thick glass in the hand have heavy feeling. Of course, with advanced manufacturing technology, the more lightweight the glass so it can not be used as an absolute measure.
    Fifth, listen to the sound. Tap or flick cups, glasses are muffled sound of Kaka, two cups of collision sound boring. The sound is crisp crystal cup metal sound, and has worn a beautiful reverberation of the air waves. Two cups of collision, crisp and echo long. The lead-free crystal better than leaded crystal refraction, metallic sound flick sent more pleasant, the key is more resilient than the leaded crystal impact resistance. Of course, the most important human safer and more reliable. This crystal cup prices are high.
    It is understood that the current domestic production of crystal ware for the lack of standardized management, crystal ware no national uniform standards. Cheap crystal glasses on the market, it is recommended not to buy. Not as good as the direct use of glass safer, and really want to choose to buy crystal cup must choose lead-free.