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 2007       The company was officially establishedwith a registered capital of RMB 3 million. We are an international tradingcompany integrating R&D, innovation, production, storage, foreign trade,domestic trade and sales into a whole.


2008       Created a young, fashionable and united team; built hardwarefacilities in terms of production, processing, storage and other aspects; andimproved the systematic production, storage, procurement and delivery processof products; providing customers with more rapid customer service, moreefficient order delivery.

2009       Registeredour exclusive brand “Gourd Baby”, registered in Hongkong the same year; built more than 1,000 squaremeters of sample exhibition rooms and put them into use, became an exhibitionhall with the largest area and the most professional and most complete varietiesin this region. Set up the first franchised store.

2010       Wasrated as an Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Enterprise by Zibo Industrialand Commercial Bureau; became a member unit of China Chamber of Commerce forImport and Export of Light Industrial Products and Arts-Crafts, a director unitof Zibo Foreign Trade Chamber of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises; and astanding director unit of China Chamber of International Commerce Zibo Chamberof Commerce.


2011       We designed and developed the first patented product with independent propertyright. Began to develop high-end products; opened and established a variety ofsales network.


2012       Builta large modern warehouse with an area up to 10,000 square meters and put itinto use; established Shandong Jusheng Glass Co., Ltd. to research and produceglass products; exported products labeled with our own brand “Gourd Baby” to Taiwan, the USA, and the EU region.


2013       Wepassed the SA8000 Social Responsibility Certification, the ISO9000 QualityManagement System Certification, ISO18000 Safety Certification and otherinternational certifications; and were rated as Shandong Civilized IntegrityMarket by Shandong Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau.


2014       Ouroffice building and R&D building with an area up to 6,000 square meterswere officially put into use and invested in naming the road in front of the companyas Hanbang Road. The amount of export exceeded 12 million US dollars, and theoutput value amounted to RMB 180 million. Our company officially became a vicechairman unit of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Light IndustrialProducts and Arts-Crafts, director unit of China National Association for GlassIndustry, and vice chairman unit of China Chamber of Commerce for Import andExport of Light Industrial Products and Arts-Crafts, Glassware Branch.


2015       Wewon the highest AAA level credit in the Export Enterprise Credit Rating carriedout by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Light Industrial Productsand Arts-Crafts. Trademark “Gourd Baby” was registered in the USA and Canada and joined in Madrid Treaty Organization.The company actively invested in reproduction; a number of projects werelaunched, of which the high-end heat-resistant glass production line with anarea of 41.32mu was named “Municipal Key Project”.


2016       Ourself-owned brand “Gourd Baby” was selected as Shandong Famous Trademark by Shandong Industrial andCommercial Administrative Bureau. A number of projects were launched. And theworkshops integrating environmental protection, energy saving, labor saving, ahigh degree of mechanization and high technical content would be put into use.


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