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Regional Advantage glass bottles reflected in what areas

Glass packaging advantages:
1. The glass material has good barrier properties, it can be very good to prevent oxygen and other gas attack on the contents, but also can prevent the contents of volatile components evaporate into the atmosphere;
2. The glass can be used repeatedly, can reduce packaging costs;
3. The glass can be more easily change the color and transparency;
4. The glass safety and health, good corrosion resistance and acid corrosion ability, suitable for acidic substances (such as fruit and vegetable juice drinks, etc.) packaging.
Glass containers are the main food, medicine, chemical industry. They have good chemical stability; easy to seal, air tightness, transparent, can be observed from the outside to the case containing material; good storage performance; smooth surface for easy disinfection and sterilization; beautiful shape, decoration colorful; a certain mechanical strength to withstand the pressure and the bottle during transport outside force; raw materials widely distributed, low cost advantages. The disadvantage is that large (quality and capacity ratio) quality, brittle, fragile. However, in recent years, thin-walled lightweight steel with the physical chemistry of new technologies, these shortcomings have been significant improvements, so that glass and plastic can, iron listening, cans of fierce competition, production increased year by year.