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Do you know why beer favors glass bottles?

Because beer contains alcohol and other organic components, and plastic bottles plastic belongs to the organic matter, the organic matter is harmful to the human body, according to the principle of detailed compatibility of these organic compounds will be dissolved in beer, when people drink the beer at the same time these toxic organic matter intake, resulting in harm to the human body, so no plastic bottles of beer to install.
Ordinary window glass, bottle, wine bottle with light green, this is the manufacture of glass raw materials containing two iron impurities in green. Some bottles, beer bottles, soy sauce bottle is brown, it is still caused by iron impurities, but not two valent iron ions, but ferric ion.
Beer is one of the important raw materials, it gives beer special bitterness. The composition is light and hops sensitive, ultraviolet radiation in the sun under the effect of decomposition, unpleasant odor "sunshine". Colored glass bottles can reduce this reaction to some extent. But the effect is better than the brown bottle green, with a colorless transparent bottled beer on the market, the production of join hop is processed.
The glass bottle has the advantages of good gas resistance, long storage life, good transparency, easy recovery, etc., but it has many problems, such as large energy consumption, heavy and easy to explode and injure. Recently, the development of high barrier PET bottles with beer packaging as the main goal has become a hot spot in the industry. After a long period of time, a lot of research work has made substantial progress. Beer is extremely sensitive to light and oxygen, and the shelf life is usually 120 days, the oxygen permeability of beer bottles is not more than 1 * 10-6g in 120 days, the loss of CO2 is not more than 5%. This requirement is 2~5 times the permeability of pure PET bottles.
Some of the Brewery Beer pasteurization, requiring high peak temperature reached 298 degrees, while the pure PET bottles of strength, heat resistance and gas barrier properties are not up to the requirements of beer bottles, therefore, people rush to the research and development of various barrier, new material and new technology to enhance the.