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Life, as long as their own, is happiness!

Life is a real existence.
Or willing to be lonely or unwilling to remain out of the limelight,
Life, as long as their own, is happiness.
If you are a very tall man, but not to choose a small,
Don't make people feel a little funny?
If you are an ordinary man,
Why should a so-called elegant and reflects a false taste? .
For their own, is the best!

The sun will not rise because of you, tomorrow will not rise;
The moon won't fall for you tonight.
Before her eyes, the world is not equal to pitch-dark;
Blinded the eyes of others, not equal to the light on their own.
If you feel too happy, too tired to catch up,
Please stop for a moment and give time to heart,
Anyway, we're not in a hurry.
Life is a long road,
How to go, the end is the same.
Life, for their own good
I wish you all a happy life