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Glass of exotic styles: glass styles in different countries

    In our minds, the glass is a transparent crystal glass, can be used to make tea and drink. Shu I do not know, because glass different countries, their style is quite different. Here we take a look at the exotic style of glasses to experience what are the style and character.
    From the Stone Age to the development of modern civilization, whether it is pottery, bronze ware, glassware or now the most popular in different places in different countries, we can always see various countries with different style and character:
    In Europe and other economically developed areas, like the United States, Britain, glassware Most people use every day is a very simple design. For example absolutely no decorative glass, or just with a little bit of grinding process prints or glassware, often sleek simple lines and smooth appearance.
    In some countries in the Middle East, like this has a long history with a mysterious kingdom and India, most of the vessels are used in their everyday culture with deep color. Like glass, mostly on the outer wall will be printed on the glass of a variety of patterns. Like a map of India, their gods, various looks very mysterious religious patterns and so on.
    Such as Africa and Morocco have vibrant colors of glass cup are craftsmen using manual techniques for coloring. Simply draw the arabesque patterns or geometric patterns of colored glass full of mystery. Various patterns are typical Moroccan décor elements, not only practical, but also adds a table decoration charm.
    And if it is like this super luxurious Dubai countries, it must be all kinds of utensils eyeful shining. Here appears mostly high-quality crystal glassware, not only handsome in appearance, exquisite workmanship, even luxurious decoration is full. On a variety of beautiful glass sculpture and fine workmanship, or glittering gold, all people feel extravagant atmosphere.