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Clean the glass of different learning

Because people are now living in the pressure, the more people the opportunity to drink it, and in the table, cups and dishes in the kitchen, the glass will be more in front of us. But we probably did not think, in addition to health and clean, they also directly affect the cleanliness drinks taste, taste, in fact, clean and wipe the glass also learned.
    Let me talk about beer mug: The main key beer mug is foam, so first of all necessary to ensure that does not have oil stains on the inner wall of the glass can not be placed with the other runs out washing dishes together with a neutral detergent and a sponge block grease and lipstick thoroughly. Then washed repeatedly rinse several times, then dry naturally, do not use dry cloth, even if the hot water washed cloth, on which the fibers have grease residues, water droplets can only stay on top of any of its natural dry.
    Then red wine goblet: To wafting aroma, revealing the color, but also after the wash wipe with burlap grunge. At the same time, due to special appearance on, in our hands but also very careful, excessive force easily snapping "feet." When washing is also quite permissive, first goblet (usually not one or two), the code on the basin (bpd) years, plus a neutral detergent, into the warm water. To put down the cup with a sponge to wipe grease. The order for the bulb bottom of the cup, tall, cup holder, followed by lightly wipe. No special requirements for water, warm water is appropriate, washing control with a dry cloth when to semi-dry, then if a single hand cup holder, one hand rubbing the ball unit is very easy to break tall, should be careful, After a good rub opening facing up.
    Finally, ordinary glass, ordinary glass is sodium carbonate glass, offers for higher quality is crystal glass. When listening to the sound muffled to identify the former the latter crisp. Ordinary glass hang the wet season water vapor, if the surface is not available gilded ornamentation vinegar or lemon wipe and restore luster. While the dishwasher has been more and more into the home, wash porcelain are also safe, but the glass is best washed by hand.